Headmistress Mary Cartwright

Welcome to the website of Mary Cartwright, Headmistress.

Professional, Discreet and Strict Manchester Headmistress offering both traditional corrective therapy along with sensual and hardcore domination.

This teasing busty brunette Headmistress is one of the strictest and finest in Manchester. She will not tolerate bad behavior, or poor school results. She won’t stand for laziness, rudeness, lateness, swearing, truant or any type of bad behavior.

Headmistress Cartwright offers a one to one service and welcomes all types of pupils, first time or long standing. Punishments will range from mild to severe for the very naughty pupils.

She will show you the errors of your ways and punish you in her own study.

The school is private and discreet, fully equipped with the right schoolroom discipline and Headmistress Cartwright will cater for all schoolroom fantasies and scenarios.